Body found at MBS was that of an Indonesian man

The body found on Wednesday night at the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) is reported to be 33-year-old Indonesian tourist Willim Charles.

He had entered Singapore on a tourist visa about a month ago and was staying in a suite on the 52nd floor of the hotel, reported The Straits Times on Friday.

A source told AsiaOne that Mr Charles was a regular guest who had stayed at MBS a few times.

Mr Sukmo Yuwono from the Indonesian embassy told the paper that $41,000 cash was found in the suite and the window was open.

Mr Charles' body was found at about 9pm on Wednesday night near the Rise restaurant in the hotel lobby, located on the ground floor.

The Straits Times reported on Thursday that the man may have fallen from as high as the 52nd storey of MBS tower two.

Earlier reports said it was not known whether the body was of a man or a woman. This is due to his body being broken into several parts due to the force of the fall as well as the curved exterior of the body.

The paper said that made it hard for the first responders to determine the body's gender.

The paper reported that parts of his body were apparently found from the 18th floor down, and that his legs were found about 10m apart from the ground level.

Police had informed Mr Yuwono that they are looking for a Taiwanese woman, believed to be the dead man's friend.

Mr Yuwono also said that they had not been able to reach the family of Mr Charles', who is from the western part of Jakarta.

This is the second body found at the integrated resort (IR) this month. On the afternoon of June 12, the body of a German tourist was found near the foot of one of the three towers at MBS.

He is believed to have fallen from the IR's SkyPark, which is about 200m - or 56 storeys - above ground level.

According to an MBS spokesman, the man was not a hotel guest, and had only paid to gain access to the SkyPark. The observation deck is open to the public for a fee of $20 for adults.

Both cases are currently under investigation.

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