'Cost of each bicycle can be recovered within four months'

The decision to buy the foldable Brompton bicycles was made after careful consideration, said NParks' assistant chief executive, Mr Kong Yit San.

He explained that the workload of NParks officers has increased significantly over the last two years, and the stat board had to find ways to boost productivity as an alternative to increasing manpower resources.

Before the purchase, its ground staff walked long stretches islandwide to carry out site inspections.

But with the bikes, its staff has halved the time needed for site and tree inspections.

Mr Kong explained that these savings translate to about $600 a month per officer. This means that the cost of each bicycle can be recovered within four months.

Level of flexibility

There is also a level of flexibility in the concurrent deployment of staff that was not possible previously.

"For example, we had to use a van to transport non-foldable bicycles to specific sites in the past."

TNP understands that NParks officers can now carry the foldable bikes with them on public transport.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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