'Dancing rain' to wow T1 visitors

Visitors to the departure hall of Changi Airport Terminal 1 (T1) will soon be treated to a visual feast of "raindrops" in a synchronised dance.

Suspended mid-air on thin, stainless-steel wires are two art installations called Kinetic Rain.

Each consists of 604 droplets that move up and down collectively in a slow and fluid manner to form 16 shapes each, including a plane and a hot-air balloon.

The installations, which took 20 months to complete, are part of T1's $500-million upgrading, based on the theme, Tropical City.

The droplets, made of lightweight aluminium and coated with polished copper, are linked to motors in the ceiling. The droplets' movements are controlled by a computer program.

Kinetic Rain was designed by ART+COM, a German firm that specialises in art installations.

The Changi Airport Group (CAG) hopes that it will provide passengers with a "memorable Changi Experience", said Mr Stuart Ralls, senior manager of projects at CAG.

The installations are the first of their kind in an airport globally, according to CAG. They replace the circular curtain of water known as the Mylar Cords that Singaporeans have come to identify with T1 since its 1981 opening.

During a media preview yesterday, visitors who caught a glimpse of Kinetic Rain were awed. Said Ms Silvia Wu, 31, who works in sales: "It's very mesmerising and elegant...and there's a relaxing, calming feeling you get from watching it."

Kinetic Rain will be fully operational by July 18, the official completion date of the upgrading.

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