Only 1 U-Save per household, MOF clarifies

Households like administrative assistant Madam Gina Loo's (left) are expected to benefit from the U-save rebates.

SINGAPORE - Singaporeans eligible for the GST Voucher (GSTV) - U-Save rebate will only be able to to use one U-Save rebate per household, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) said in a statement on Thursday.

In the statement, MOF says it received queries regarding the amount of U-Save rebates each household is eligible for if more than one person in the household receives the GSTV.

Individuals have been receiving their GSTV notification letters since July 2.

In its clarification, the ministry says that individuals living in the same household will not be able to combine their individually granted U-save amounts for the rebate.

The rebate granted depends on flat type and not the size of the household, a spokesperson added.

The GSTV - U-Save is only one component of the GST Voucher scheme, which also includes GSTV - Cash and GSTV - Medisave.

The latter two types of benefits are paid out on an individual basis to eligible Singaporeans.

Singaporeans who qualify for the GSTV are notified via individual letters of the components they are eligible for as individuals and households so that they are aware of the benefits they will receive.

The GSTV is expected to help lower to middle income families offset the amount of GST they pay in a year.

MOF says that future notifications letters will clarify the difference between individual and household benefits.

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