Living abroad? Join the fun on Facebook

Taking part in the National Day celebrations this year will be even easier for Singaporeans living abroad.

The National Day Parade (NDP) branding and publicity committee yesterday announced two social-media initiatives to reach out to Singaporeans all over the world.

One of them is the e-Flag, which allows Singaporeans to attach an image of the Singapore flag - called a badge - to their Facebook profile pictures to show their support for the country.

The other initiative is the e-Pledge, under which Singaporeans can download and repost NDP graphics from the NDPeeps Facebook page (www. /ndpeep).

The graphics include NDP-themed Facebook cover pictures and online posters publicising the Pledge Moment.

At a media briefing yesterday, Lieutenant-Colonel Ng Sin Ain, chairman of the branding and publicity committee, said: "(Through) the e-Pledge and e-Flag activities, we hope to break down geographical boundaries and extend this collective experience to Singaporeans all around the world."

Introduced in 2009, the Pledge Moment is a National Day event where Singaporeans are invited to recite the Pledge and sing the National Anthem together, regardless of location.

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