In-N-Out burgers sell out in minutes

SINGAPORE - In a promotional event at its pop-up store at Circular Road, popular American burger joint In-N-Out saw 300 burgers sell out in just minutes.

The promotion was to be held today from 11am to 3pm at Circular Road. Eager local fans of the family-owned chain started queuing from 9.30am and all 300 burgers were given out by 11am.

More than 300 foodies waited their turn in line that snaked through Circular Road to Boat Quay, reported the Straits Times.

The pop-up event held in Singapore is the third one held so far in Asia and Australasia. The first took place in Shanghai last December while the second took place in Sydney in January. The Australian pop-up reportedly sold out in 23 minutes.

The Californian chain was originally set up in 1948 and was the state's first ever drive-thru hamburger stand. Today it is well known for its Double-Double burgers which include two beef patties and two cheese slices.

These burgers, together with their Animal Style and Protein Style burgers, were served at today's pop-up event. The Animal Style version consists of lettuce, tomatoes, a mustard cooked beef patty while the Protein ones come wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun.

Besides taking local fans by storm, the pop-up event is also taking Twitter by storm. Netizens are taking to twitter to post pictures of today's long queue. Those lucky enough to get their hand on the burger posted pictures of them too.

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