Mr Lee's appearance was most anticipated moment

His was a face they had longed to see.

His presence at the National Day Parade was as much anticipated as the fanfare at the The Float@Marina Bay.

When word of his arrival was announced, the audience turned and craned their necks, hoping for a glimpse of the former prime minister.

And when Mr Lee Kuan Yew appeared at the top of the steps, waving his right arm, it was to a resounding roar of approval and, perhaps, relief.

Starting days before, speculation had been rife about the state of Mr Lee's health.

The Twitterverse had gone into overdrive hours before the parade, with many wondering if he would appear for the event.

Many were concerned. Yet others were confident that there was no cause for alarm.

Right up to the moment he appeared, there were still speculative messages and tweets.

Once Mr Lee walked to his seat, dressed in a red Team Singapore polo shirt, Twitter and Facebook were suddenly flooded with messages celebrating his apparent good health.

When Mr Lee, 88, offered a smile and a wave, another roar of approval filled the air.

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