New getai season is here

SINGAPORE - Today marks the start of the Hungry Ghost Festival, along with that of a new getai season.

Stomp will cover the first show this evening at City Plaza, and photos and videos will be uploaded onto Stomp's Getai A-Go-Go section after that.

You will be treated to colourful getai, or "song stage", performances featuring veteran and new artists - from Singapore and the region - decked out in outrageous costumes, and ad-libbing hosts who deliver hilarious banter at the drop of a hat.

Expect to see singers in their teens or 20s perform chart toppers in languages other than the usual Mandarin or Hokkien used at these heartland shows.

For the newly initiated to this traditional art form, check out the schedule on Stomp and treat yourself to one of the many getai shows that will be held this Chinese Seventh Month. The getai season ends on Sept 15.

After this year's getai run concludes, you can start voting for your favourite artists to help them clinch one of the coveted Top 10 People's Choice Awards when the Stomp Getai Awards kick off next year.

So don't wait. Get in on all the pomp and glitz of the new getai season now. Head to for comprehensive coverage of the performances.

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