Kidding around, Kancheong Style

SINGAPORE - This kid likes horsing around.

Be it in school or at home, seven-year-old Mohd Danial Norhazryn seems to be half-galloping instead of walking.

The Primary 1 pupil in Horizon Primary School is mimicking the signature dance move from South Korean rapper Psy's video, Gangnam Style.

The video, which was posted on YouTube in July, has gone viral and racked up more than 300 million views.

The song is so popular that it has spawned parodies in America, Europe, and even North Korea.

And Danial was the natural candidate for a lead role in a locally produced parody of the song.

The song, called Kancheong Style, was produced by digital publishing house Tickled Media.

The video pokes fun at schooling in Singapore with its lyrics about tiger mums and examination stress.

The video's producer Vincent Chin, 30, said the video was meant to tie in with Children's Day celebrations.

"With portals like under Tickled Media, Children's Day is naturally something that is close to our hearts," said Mr Chin, who is vice-president of sales at Tickled Media.

"It is celebrated in schools, but nobody thinks about it outside (of schools). We wanted to create a viral effect about Children's Day," he added.

The video has picked up about 600 "Likes" and more than 300 "Shares" since it was posted on the portal's Facebook page last Saturday.

The children in the video had to go through two rounds of selection.

Parents were first asked to submit a video of their children. Those selected then went for an audition.

But even before the audition, Danial was already learning Psy's galloping dance move.

"He is so in love with Gangnam Style," said his mother, Madam Haslyn Mohd Haron, 28, a preschool teacher.

Sometimes, he even insists that his mother do the dance with him.

Danial first heard the song when he was watching a Korean pop music variety show.

Influenced by his uncles' penchant for K-pop, he is also a fan of K-pop hip-hop quintet Big Bang.

Other than Danial, Keagan Cheo, five, was also part of the 11-children-strong cast.

He was exposed to Gangnam Style when his parents were watching it.

"He started horsing around the house that particular week. He would also sing the chorus part in the shower," said Keagan's mother, Madam Shirley Chew, 38.

The media director of Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group said she decided to let her son try out for the video as he was interested in dancing and acting.

"I think it is important that kids get to do what they enjoy while they still can afford to do so," she said.

Much like the original video, which is a social comment about the delusion many Koreans have in chasing after materialism, Kancheong Style provides a glimpse into the everyday life of a primary school pupil.

"I think I am a tiger mum," Madam Chew said, referring to a line in the lyrics which went "Tiger Mummy tell me better quickly go and study".

"Anyone with a kid in primary school is a tiger mum in one way or another," she added.

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