Was other cause of action considered, like suspension or demotion?

In my statement yesterday, I made it very clear that inclusiveness is at the heart of the Labour Movement.

I don't want to go back and talk about this [the course of action taken] again as it seems that we are still going after her.

Let us have some heart to know that she has been punished and it is a very severe punishment for her. So, let us give her some space to reflect and recover from this episode.

How would NTUC handle such a situation if it happens again?

I would say that every case is different and we have to look at each case and its circumstances. There is no one way of dealing with the issue.

To me, how we deal with the issue in the future is secondary. More importantly, we should ask ourselves what lessons we can learn together as a Labour Movement, a community, and a nation.

If we use social media as a tool to divide us, none of us is going to be better off. But if we use social media to bring us together, then Singapore can be a much better place, a much better community, a much better nation.

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