Cecilia Sue was not confused, stressed or frightened at interviews

SINGAPORE - A SENIOR Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) officer took the stand on Wednesday as the sex-for-contracts trial involving former top cop Ng Boon Gay resumed after a month.

Mr Teng Khee Fatt, the bureau's deputy director for investigations, faced a barrage of questions from both the prosecution and defence.

The two sides tried to bolster their case through the officer who was in charge of one of the most high-profile corruption probes here in nearly two decades.

The prosecution started with the first of its two tasks - to try and establish that the CPIB statements given by Ms Cecilia Sue, the woman at the centre of the case, were not given under duress.

Ms Sue, 36, had maintained in court when the trial started in September that she was never in a physical sexual relationship with former Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) chief Ng, 46. And hence, she had been forced by him to perform oral sex on four occasions last year, in exchange for his helping to advance her companies' business interests.

This, however, contradicted portions of the former IT sales manager's CPIB statements, which pointed to an affair that started in 2009.

When confronted with this, Ms Sue had told the court repeatedly that she was stressed and tired when speaking to the CPIB, and did not tell the truth then.

Replying to questions from Deputy Public Prosecutor Tan Ken Hwee, Mr Teng said that Ms Sue was not confused, stressed or frightened at the interviews. She had been worried only about the impact the allegations would have on her marriage and job, he added.

The prosecution then moved on to its second task: to show that what actually happened was that Ms Sue and Ng did have a relationship. But the two broke it off around September or October 2010 - meaning that the oral sex acts of the following year were forced on her.

Responding to DPP Tan's questions on what transpired when Ms Sue was at the CPIB in March this year, Mr Teng said yesterday that Ms Sue told him that the last occasion she voluntarily gave oral sex to Ng was on Aug 26, 2010.

The issue came up after Mr Teng asked her to explain an entertainment bill she claimed from her then employer Hitachi Data Systems, the firm involved in two CNB IT tenders that are now suspect.

"She told me that, at that time, the accused was director of CID (Criminal Investigation Department) and they went for a dinner, and after dinner she performed oral sex on him," said Mr Teng.

Ms Sue added that this sex act was "the last one" as she wanted to "put a stop to the intimate relationship", and that the sex resumed only in July last year when she needed his help for the two projects.

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