Woman found dead in hot spa

SINGAPORE - A trip to Taiwan turned tragic for a Singapore family when one of them was found dead at a hot springs resort.

Madam Ser Chwee Tiang, 67, was discovered face down in the water by relatives. She had left on a two-week trip on Nov 9 with her sister, brother and a friend, to catch up with relatives and friends.

On Nov 22, the group decided to visit a famous hot springs resort at Beitou, a northern district of Taipei, and try the hot spa there.

One of Madam Ser's two sons, Mr Wu Fusheng, 37, told The New Paper that his mother, her friends and relatives had booked a 40-minute session at the resort some time before 6pm.

Said Mr Wu: "According to my aunt, my mother responded when my aunt knocked on her door 20 minutes later.

"The group had made plans for dinner - one of her friends had, in the meantime, gone to make reservations - and my mother told my aunt that she would be getting ready soon.

"However, when my aunt knocked on her door the second time, some 10 minutes later, there was no response," said the sales executive.

The aunt alerted Mr Wu's uncle, who asked the receptionist to get a key and unlock the door.

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