St James fight lands him in intensive care

SINGAPORE - Second-hand car dealer Kenny Lim, 28, and his two good friends had not been to St James Power Station for four months.

So on Wednesday, when the trio went down to Neverland 2, a popular Thai disco at St James for a night out, they did not expect to be involved in a fight.

Mr Lim was beaten so badly that he ended up in an intensive care ward at Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

St James Power Station chief executive Dennis Foo said he understands that closed-circuit television footage showed one of the trio had a knife.

Over at SGH, a female friend who was at the ward to visit Mr Lim, said: "His nose was broken, his neck fractured and his whole face was swollen."

She said: "The doctor told me that Kenny had three blood clots - two on the forehead and one on the right side.

"Kenny only came out of the coma today. He can open his right eye now but it seems like he has difficulty breathing."

One of Mr Lim's friends who wanted to be known as Mr Ho told The New Paper that the trio arrived at Neverland 2 sometime past midnight.

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