Mr Teo also believes that some of the streets can be pedestrianised, should there be a purpose for it.

Indeed, the URA has said as much, in a tender released on Thursday. However, the agency added that closing St Andrew's Road, Connaught Drive and Fullerton Road was not possible for now, due to Singapore's hosting of the F1 Grand Prix race.

Recalling a recent road closure at Armenian Street for a festival, Mr Teo exclaimed: "The atmosphere was wonderful!"

Initiatives to mitigate the effects of the hot climate will also help, said Mr William Lau, president of the Singapore Institute of Planners.

"Heat and humidity can make it difficult for pedestrians to go outdoors. So we need to control that innovatively," he said, citing the canopy above the bars and clubs in Clarke Quay just across the river as an example.

"Of course that would not work in the Civic District with its stately buildings, but solving that is the million-dollar question," he said.

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