The woman in the scandal

SINGAPORE - Shock and surprise.

That was the reaction of someone who knew Madam Laura Ong Hui Hoon well. Madam Ong, 33, is the woman involved with former Speaker of the House Michael Palmer.

"How could it be, she's such a soft-spoken person," said the woman who declined to be named. She described Madam Ong as a "filial person who always cared for her mother".

Words like "soft-spoken" and "kept to herself" were also used when she spoke about Madam Ong.

Madam Ong was the former constituency director with the People's Association (PA) in Pasir Ris West Constituency Office.

Records from the Registry of Marriages showed that she got married in March 2006. The New Paper understands that she met her husband at a rollerblading school he runs.

Michael Palmer's political career
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