Sex scandals in 2012

SINGAPORE - The Chinese character "se" means colour, but it can also mean lust. On Monday, Lianhe Zaobao's readers voted it as the word of the year, among others such as "change", "reproach" and "home".

And they may be spot-on.

In the past year, Singapore has seen a number of high-profile scandals:


WHO: Former CNB director Ng Boon Gay, 46

WHAT: Ng faces four charges of obtaining oral sex from former IT sales manager Cecilia Sue Siew Nang, 36, to further the interest of her companies between June and December last year.

TRIAL: Ms Sue testified in court in September that Ng had forced her to give him oral sex in a car on four occasions. The defence maintains they were in a consensual relationship. Ng took the stand last month and denied doing anything wrong. The trial has been adjourned and oral submissions are scheduled for next month before the court gives its verdict.

WHO: Former Singapore Civil Defence Force commissioner Peter Benedict Lim Sin Pang.

WHAT: Lim, 52, is accused of engaging in sex with MsPang Chor Mui, in her 40s, at a carpark at Stadium Walk on May 2, 2010, while she was the general manager of Nimrod Engineering. Nine other charges have been stood down.

TRIAL: Scheduled for next month.


WHO: National University of Singapore (NUS) law professor Tey Tsun Hang, 41

WHAT: Tey allegedly obtained gifts and sexual favours in exchange for favouring his student, Miss Darinne Ko Wen Hui, 23, in his assessment of her academic performance between May and July 2010. He is also accused of having sexual intercourse with her on two occasions.

TRIAL: Scheduled for Jan 10.

Underage paid sex

WHO: Fifty-one men allegedly paid to have sex with a 17-year-old prostitute. The men included Howard Shaw Chai Li, grandson of the founder of cinema giant Shaw Organisation, and entrepreneur Ban Yinh Jheow.

WHAT: The 51 men were charged with having commercial sex with the girl between September 2010 and last October, when she was below 18. She is now 19.

TRIALS: The 11th accused, former Republic of Singapore Navy captain Chan Wei Kiat, 27, was sentenced to 11weeks' jail in October.

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