Steve Irwin's daughter Bindi gets orchid named after her

SINGAPORE - Daughter of late The Crocodile Hunter star Steve Irwin, Bindi was presented with an orchid named after her at the Singapore Botanic Gardens on Friday.

This is to recognise her contribution in promoting wildlife conservation through her work on TV and in movies.

Bindi also interacted with selected students and teachers from Bedok Green Primary, Queenstown Primary and Rosyth School during her visit.

The orchid named after Bindi, Dendrobium Bindi Irwin (Dendrobium Jean Chretien x Dendrobium David Baltimore), is a free flowering and vibrant orchid hybrid, according to a statement released by the National Parks Board.

Each semiarching inflorescence bears more than 20 flowers, measuring about 5cm across. All floral parts are yellowish green except for the centre of the wavy lip, which has light purple brown venations.

Bindi, her mother Terri and brother Robert, are in Singapore as part of an Asian tour to promote two Discovery Kids programmes: Bindi’s Bootcamp: Reboot and Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors.

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