NSF, 19, loses limb after taxi hits him

Despite the loss of his leg, Mr Kenneth Quek still walks his two-year-old golden retriever, Dory.

SINGAPORE - He was an active young man who enjoyed the great outdoors.

Now Mr Kenneth Quek Yen Fei hobbles about on one leg, with no job, no girlfriend and little mobility.

He is fast losing hope.

His life changed after his lower right leg had to be amputated following an accident two years ago. On Feb 5, a High Court judge ruled that the taxi driver who crashed into Mr Quek was 100 per cent liable for the accident.

The court will decide on the compensation amount - which could be as much as $500,000 - in six months' time.

Winning the case, or even the prospect of a payout, brings little cheer to Mr Quek, now 21. He faces mounting medical bills, all of which he said has been footed by his mother.

His girlfriend left him after he lost his leg. So far, he has been unable to find a job, despite making numerous applications to various companies.

No company wants to hire him because of his injuries, he said. Those willing to do so want to pay him only half what others would normally earn, he told The New Paper.

His troubles began early one morning ion Aug 11, 2011. He was riding alone on his motorcycle along the four-lane Bencoolen Street.

Mr Quek was then 19 and serving as a storeman at 2nd People's Defence Force camp in Clementi. On that night, he was eager to get home to his grandmother's Telok Blangah Drive flat from his friend's flat on Selegie Road.

It was close to 5am.

A taxi that had just picked up two passengers at a nearby hotel swerved and hit the right side of Mr Quek's motorcycle.

The impact was so great that he was flung off the motorcycle and landed several metres away.

He was taken to Singapore General Hospital, where he remained for 21 days with serious injuries. His lower right leg was damaged beyond repair, and was amputated on Aug 17, 2011. He has since been fitted with an artificial limb.

Now, he can no longer ride a motorcycle, stand, walk or climb for long periods.

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