A few moments later, two technicians came rushing from the nearby staircase to help the couple. The SCDF took the couple to Singapore General Hospital (SGH), where Mr Lee was warded.

On Sunday, Mrs Lee told TNP that her husband was being prepared for an emergency operation in the afternoon.

He had experienced a complex fracture, resulting in "seven fragments" on his right tibia, at the shin.

Mrs Lee was also back at the hospital because she felt numbness around her hip and pain in her ankle. A spokesman for the Tanjong Pagar Town Council said preliminary investigations revealed that the lift did not plunge.

She said: "In fact, it (the lift) overran the level, and Lisa and her husband were rescued by our lift rescue team after they were activated."

On Saturday evening, representatives from the town council visited the couple at SGH.

The spokesman added: "... We have assured them that we will get our insurance company to follow up with them on their medical cost. We will also follow up with them to assist them on this matter."

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