Nicole Seah appointed 2nd assistant sec-gen of NSP

Ms Nicole Seah, one of the youngest candidates in the last general election, has been given a bigger role in the National Solidarty Party's key decision making body.

Ms Seah was appointed as its second assistant secretary-general, after the party's newly elected central executive committee met for the first time on Thursday.

She was one of seven council members not holding appointments on the last CEC.

The move comes as the NSP expanded the number of appointment holders in its CEC from eight to ten, creating the new role of second assistant secretary-general as well as second assistant organising secretary, which is filled by CEC newcomer Spencer Ng, a project director.

In other appointments, education entrepreneur Tony Tan was made its organising secretary, lawyer Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss returns as vice president, Mr Reno Fong continues as first assistant secretary general, and Mr Steve Chia remains as assistant treasurer.

The party also co-opted three members into the committee - Mr Tan Chee Kien, Mr James Teo and Mr Praveen Velu.

Last month, the NSP elected a new slate of leaders which is expected to take the party forward to the next general election.

Mr Sebastian Teo, 65, was elected NSP president for a fifth consecutive term, and Ms Hazel Poa, 43, was elected secretary-general for a second term.

NSP's CEC appointment holders:

President - Sebastian Teo

Vice President - Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss

Secretary-General - Hazel Poa

First Assistant Secretary-General - Reno Fong

Second Assistant Secretary-General - Nicole Seah

Treasurer - Raymond Chua

Assistant Treasurer - Steve Chia

Organsing Secretary - Tony Tan Lay Thiam

1st Assistant Organising Secretary - Hon Ting Huat

2nd Assistant Organising Secretary - Spencer Ng

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