Netizens slam NDP 2013 song

Life! Theatre Awards 2011: Best Original Score nominee - Cinderel-lah!. Selena Tan (foreground) and Elaine Chan co-wrote the music and lyrics.

SINGAPORE - It's a birthday song that's supposed to bring a nation together.

But this year's National Day Parade (NDP) theme song, One Singapore, has become the target of criticism, even before it is officially released.

"On par or even 'better' than Rebecca Black's Friday", "horrid" and "jialat (terrible in Hokkien)" are some of the online comments on the song, released online by The Straits Times on Tuesday. It will be officially released on Thursday night.

Among the critics is Singaporean undergraduate Canaan Phoneko, 24, who said: "I think it caters to a young age group. It's quite childish and I don't see how adults can get on board with it."

The theme is sung by Sing A Nation, a choir made up of 68 everyday Singaporeans who won their places through two rounds of auditions.

The song was composed by local music director Elaine Chan, 42, while actress and Dream Academy owner Selena Tan, 42, provided the lyrics.

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