Thu, Jun 25, 2009
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Feather in cap for Lam: 1st Asian golfer on BBC interview show

[Photo: Programme host Michael Peschardt complimented Lam Chih Bing as being a real ambassador for golf in Asia.]


LOCAL golfer Lam Chih Bing can now put himself on a par with luminaries such as actress Fann Wong, tennis legend Rod Laver, Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan and violin star Vanessa Mae.

That is because the 32-yearold was chosen to represent the Asian Tour on BBC World Network's interview programme, Peschardt's People. He is the first Asian golfer to do so.

Hosted by BBC's Sydney correspondent, Michael Peschardt, the programme follows Lam through two practice days as he took part in February's Johnny Walker Classic in Perth.

Said Peschardt: "We wanted to understand the life of a typical Asian Tour professional, and Chih Bing was recommended because he had a breakthrough season last year.

"He was very polite, cheerful and honest - a real ambassador for the sport in Asia."

Indeed, Lam had a stellar finish last year, when he won the Volva Masters of Asia in Bangkok, his first Asian Tour title.

Peschardt told my paper that he was impressed by the camaraderie among the Asian Tour golfers.

He said: "What struck me was how generous they were with their golfing advice. They are so ready to help one another out, even though they are rivals on the golf course."

And he was also astounded by how unruffled Lam and the other golfers are under the media spotlight.

He said with a laugh: "I'm a poor golfer, but I play far worse with my camera crew around.

"It takes a really brave golfer to play so well under those circumstances."


Catch Lam's interview on Peschardt's People on BBC World Network (StarHub Ch 13) tomorrow at 10.30pm.

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