'Armless King of Frog Style' drowned by 'carelessness'

Armless swimmer Tsai Yao-hsing was found dead under Chin-wen Bridge of Taroko National Park in Hualien. The police suspected carelessness might be the cause of Tsai's death.

Yesterday, the police received a phone call indicating that a male corpse was stuck under Chin-wen Bridge.

By the time the corpse was dragged up to the riverside, the departed was found naked.

After remaining unidentified for a time, the body was recognised to be the disabled swimming champion Tsai Yao-hsing.

Though suffering from unfortunate occurrence of high-voltage electric shock, Tsai never surrendered to his life but kept swimming and even won several swimming medals in handicapped sports games, inspiring many spectators with his great spirit as an armless swimmer.

His swimming talent and excellent performance gave him a title of "Armless King of Frog Style."

Godmother of Tsai, Pan Kuei-chu, revealed the great swimmer had a dream of representing the country in The Paralympic Games.

No one could accept such a tragedy as the great armless swimmer was unexpectedly drowned in river.

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