Biceps, legs and lovers on show

AUSTRALIA - If you have already failed to keep to your health resolution for the new year, take "solace" in the fact that 2013's first tennis Grand Slam tournament will possibly provide a motivational factor.

Samantha Stosur's bulging biceps, Maria Sharapova's stunning legs, Novak Djokovic's endless energy and Gael Monfils' quivering muscles. All these will be on show at the Australian Open, which begins on Monday.

It is offering the biggest prize purse in its history. A hefty A$2.43 million (S$3.13 million) is up for grabs for the best male and female singles player, so it's no wonder that they will be gunning for glory.

And, with them, come two groups of gorgeous and glamorous people - the WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends) and BAHs (Boyfriends and Husbands).

These "choices" of tennis stars are normally supremely attractive and/or famous in their own right, and it is always a thrill watching them in the players' box, grimacing or rejoicing at every shot.

Djokovic's long-term girlfriend, Jelena Ristic, for example, is a true beauty, with cameramen catching her every response.

As for Andy Murray, the dour Scotsman, he has certainly found the anti-thesis to his personality in the form of the beautiful Kim Sears.

But it's not only the boys that have beautiful partners egging them on. The ladies have a solid resume of BAHs as well.

Caroline Wozniacki has golf world No.1 Rory McIlroy making appearances at his beloved's matches.

Sharapova used to have Los Angeles Lakers basketballer Sasha Vujacic by her side, but it appears that they called it quits last year. Meanwhile, Serena Williams continues to date tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou.

Our fascination with sporting stars' partners could be because they serve to remind us that the athletes are only human.

We all need that person to text messages to after a dismal day, or someone to pop the bubbly with when things are going our way, and no one needs it more than these individuals.

And, when you consider the players' unwavering dedication and commitment, it makes sense that they need the best standing behind them.

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