Hougang bench Weaver

Alex Weaver came with a dossier full of modern football methods and looked to implement his ideas at Hougang United.

The ambitious Hougang had set their sights on qualifying to play football in the Asian Football Confederation's (AFC) regional competitions.

From match-preparation meetings peppered with video-clips and graphics to nutrition and post-match reports submitted to the club management, Weaver looked to change the Cheetahs' approach to football.

Evidently, it was not to everyone's taste.

After just six games of the 2013 S-League season, the Englishman will take a back seat, with Hougang's Prime League coach Johana Johari set to take over the reins of the senior team, at least for the moment.

Speaking to The New Paper on the sidelines of Hougang's 2-1 friendly win over V Sundramoorthy's LionsXII on Monday, when Johana took charge as Weaver watched silently from the bench, club chairman Bill Ng explained the move.

He said: "Alex is taking a step back so he can look at the team again, to perhaps get a big-picture view of the team. He has come with dreams and various ideas, but there seems to be a gap between theory and reality.

"This is the collective view of our technical team and the players, and this change has come about based on feedback from these two parties."

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