Historic Olympic boxing medal missing

The bronze medal that bantamweight Satoshi Shimizu won at the London Games last year--Japan's first Olympic boxing medal in 44 years--is missing after apparently being stolen, The Yomiuri Shimbun has learned.

According to investigative sources, Shimizu notified Harajuku Police Station of the Metropolitan Police Department last week that the medal had gone missing.

Shimizu took the medal to a sports event held March 24 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium in Shibuya Ward, which he attended as a guest. Shimizu did not show the medal during the event, and stored it in a bag in a room closed to unauthorized people. He took the bag home that day, and noticed the medal was lost March 28.

Shimizu is not the first Japanese Olympian to have lost a medal.

Wrestler Yoshikatsu Yoshida, who won gold at the Tokyo Olympics in 1964, accidentally left his medal on a overhead rack in a train. Takashi Kobayashi, who struck gold in men's wrestling at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, left his medal in a public phone booth. Both these medals were found.

Akira Yamane, president of the Japan Amateur Boxing Federation, said, "I'm shocked that the first Olympic medal won by a Japanese boxer in 44 years has been lost."

Police are investigating the matter as a case of theft.

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