Jonathan and Seko emerged from 10 fi- nalists who were picked from a list of 28 nominees through online voting and by a panel of judges. They each received $3,000, a trophy and a certificate.

The other eight finalists also took home cash rewards of $500 each.

Now into its third year, The New Paper is looking for more inspirational school sports stories to tell.

Our title sponsor H-TWO-O, known for its unwavering passion for sports, has once again lent its support behind the TNP School Sports Star Award.

In the next few months, The New Paper will profile sportsboys and sportsgirls who make significant contributions to their schools, with sporting achievements considered a bonus.

Schools who think they have studentathletes deserving of the award can go to to send in their nominations. In addition to the TNP School Sports Star Award presented by H-TWO-O, there's also a separate award where we honour outstanding teacher-coaches.

The S Soocelaraj Award, presented by the SoilBuild Group, aims to recognise the architects behind the sporting success of their student-athletes.

The late Soocelaraj was one of the best teacher-coaches Singapore's education system had produced.

Born in Penang, Sooce, as he was popularly known, came to Singapore in 1953.

Right till the day he retired from teaching in 1990, Sooce was an exemplary role model to his students and inspired generations of athletes in hockey, cricket and physical education.

Sheikha Fadzleen of Victoria School won the inaugural S Soocelaraj Award last year. She received a trophy, a certificate and $5,000, courtesy of Soilbuild Group.

If you know of a teacher-coach like the late Soocelaraj or Sheikha, go to www.tnp. sg/sss and give him or her the due recognition.

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