Fri, Nov 30, 2007
The New Straits Times
Padi farming made easy

PENDANG: Teh Bah Chuan (picture above, inset) has no formal training in engineering, but that did not stop him from piecing together a 5-in-1 machine which could revolutionise padi farming in Malaysia.

It all began five years ago when the 44-year-old, from Pendang, would painstakingly worked his padi field like most farmers do - clearing the weeds, ploughing the field, then planting the seedlings saplings using different machinery for each task.

Now, after years of research and spending about RM200,000, spent, Teh has invented a machine which can rake, level and plough the field, and spray dispense pesticide on both growing crops and weeds. at the side of the field.

He has yet to come up with a permanent name for his invention. For now, he calls it the jentera kebal petani (farmer's tank).

With the machine, Teh can single-handedly prepare his 80ha padi field in two weeks. Without the machine, it would take five people using various machines to prepare the field in the same time.

Teh said he was thankful he owed his success to Serba Wangi Sdn Bhd, a rice wholesaler, for the moral and financial support.

He said his machine was highly efficient in preparing the land and was fuel-efficient since it used less fuel than the total needed if five different machines were used.

"I am confident that Malaysian padi farmers can get a higher yield while spending less if my invention is accepted by the local farming authorities," he said.

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