Bodies of French climbers killed in Nepal arrive in Paris

PARIS - The bodies of four French climbers who were killed in an avalanche on Manaslu peak in Nepal nearly a week ago arrived in Paris on Saturday, sources at Charles de Gaulle airport said.

The four - two guides and two clients - were among eight people killed after an avalanche swept through their camp on the side of the 8,156-metre (26,759-foot) Himalayan mountain early last Sunday, just hours before the alpinists were to make an attempt to reach the peak's summit.

The other dead included a Spaniard, a German, an Italian and a Nepali guide.

Three climbers, two Frenchmen and a Canadian, remain missing and presumed dead following the deadly slide.

A memorial ceremony for the dead is due to be held on Tuesday in Chamonix, the French Alpine village that is considered the birthplace of European alpinism and the home of most of the French climbers killed.

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