Caught on camera: Man steals iPhone from baby

ORMSKIRK, England - A man was caught stealing an iPhone from a baby in a stroller and the whole act was recorded by the department store's close circuit television (CCTV).

According to a report in the British publication "The Sun", the mother, Danielle Hinnigan, had given her baby daughter her iPhone to watch children's television show "Barney" while she was doing her shopping.

Then, on the video footage, a bespectacled middle-aged man dressed in a light-coloured jacket was seen walking up casually to the stroller. After taking a few quick glances around him, he reached out and took the phone from the baby and walked away into the crowds.

It appears that nobody noticed the act.

After the mother returned to the stroller, she discovered the iPhone missing.

Initially, she thought her daughter might have dropped the phone.

However, she was later informed that a man had taken the phone away from her daughter.

"To think he has targeted my daughter is disgusting. Everyone is absolutely disgusted. Her dad was really angry and upset," she told the paper.

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