NY shooter: Killing people is 'what I like doing best'

NEW YORK - A convicted felon who committed suicide after shooting dead two firefighters he lured into an inferno wrote in a note that killing people was what he liked doing best, police said Tuesday.

Authorities also said they found human remains at the scene of Monday's incident - a car and a house engulfed in a fire believed to have been intentionally set by the shooter, 62-year-old William Spengler.

"I still have to get ready to see how much of the neighborhood I can burn down and do what I like doing best - killing people," read part of the note discovered in the wake of the shooting in the town of Webster in upstate New York, Police Chief Gerald Pickering told reporters.

He said the type-written note was two or three pages long, but would not be released at this time.

Human remains were found in what was left of the house, and Pickering said the victim was believed to be the gunman's sister, who lived with him.

A medical examiner is working on identifying the remains.

Two firefighters sustained "serious injuries" and underwent surgery, Pickering said, noting they were in stable condition.

A police officer was treated and has been released from hospital. Pickering said Spengler had three weapons and an "arsenal" of ammunition.

He had a Smith & Wesson .38 caliber revolver, a Mossberg 12-gauge pump action shotgun and a .223 Bushmaster rifle - the same military-type assault rifle used in the recent elementary school shooting in Connecticut that left 26 people dead.

"This was a clear ambush on first responders," Pickering said.

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