Bugges have no excuse to avoid NS
Mon, Aug 25, 2008
my paper
>I REFER to the report "Brothers fight to renounce Singapore citizenship" (my paper, Aug 22).

The Bugge brothers were all born in Singapore, received education up to secondary level here, and enjoyed all the perks and privileges that Singaporeans are entitled to.

Therefore, I cannot find any mitigating factor in favour of the three brothers not serving their National Service (NS) in Singapore.

Going by the report, the trio seem to have shown utter disrespect and contempt for Singapore, their country of birth. If they could enlist in the Norwegian armed forces for a 19-month stint of national service, why can't they do the same here?

In the interest of Singapore and, in particular, the Singapore Armed Forces, Mindef should continue to classify the brothers as NS defaulters. Should they ever set foot on Singapore soil, they should be arrested and prosecuted under Chapter 93 of the Enlistment Act.

Mr Lionel De Souza

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