Reserving seats necessary for those dining alone

THE practice of using packets of tissue to reserve seats in food centres is a uniquely Singaporean practice.

It is the same as having a person sit at a table to reserve the whole table for his friends.

For stalls that require self-service, this is one way for the "lone ranger" customer to buy food and get a seat amid the lunch-time crowd.

The "lone ranger" also needs to reserve a seat if he patronises stalls that have workers to serve food, because he will need to give them a table number.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) officer cited in the my paper article should not waste his time on this issue. Instead, more time should be spent ensuring that Singapore stays clean and green.

For example, the area around Paya Lebar MRT station, Tanjong Katong Complex and City Plaza is crowded every weekend with maids and foreign workers who leave behind newspapers and bottles. NEA should look into this problem.


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