More checks needed for faster completion of lift upgrading

I refer to "Why lift upgrading takes two years" (The New Paper, April 23) in which Mr James Tan, project manager of Teambuild Construction, mentioned that if a lift were built individually, a four-storey one would be completed in just under a year.

My experience suggests otherwise.

In Neighbourhood 6 of Yishun Estates, there are two blocks of four-storey flats facing Yishun Avenue 2, Blocks 608 and 616. Both are of the same build and design.

Block 608 was built with a simple lift, with a straight pathway leading to it, and the construction was completed quickly.

Block 616 has a larger lift of a different design and an entirely different type of pathway, which took more than a year to construct.

The construction at Block 616 took far too long to complete, causing much inconvenience and presumably costing unnecessary taxpayers' monies.

Also, I find that perhaps the project managers are too ambitious. It appears that they attempt to simultaneously do all the blocks that they are responsible for.

In some cases, when the lifts were already set up, the areas surrounding them were still blocked for months, causing residents, especially the elderly ones, to take long detours. Block 624 at Yishun Ring Road is one such example.

I suspect that disorganisation in planning is one of the main causes for the delayed completion in the LUP exercise.

To speed up the completion of the LUP, there should be frequent and stringent supervision and checks by HDB and the respective town councils.


This article was first published in The New Paper.

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