Thanks for helping me, stranger

I received a call from my cousin at around 5.30pm on Wednesday.

She told me that she needed money urgently as her son was running a high fever but she did not have any money.

So I went to Block 221, Boon Lay Place, hoping that someone could help me to transfer some cash as I did not have my ATM card with me.

I approached those in the queue, but no one was willing to help me.

Since I was some distance from home, I took a cab to the Jurong West POSB ATM and deposit machine next to the hawker centre, but the machine was not working.

I went to the nearby POSB branch which has two deposit machines, but they were also not working.

I was getting distressed as the process of getting the money to my cousin was taking very long.

I approached about five people in the queue, but they, too, turned me down even though I showed them the cash, which was about $190.

Luckily, a teenager in a headscarf helped me out, but I did not manage to get her name as I was too stressed out about my cousin's son.

Help was timely

I would like to thank her for helping to transfer the money to help a sick boy.

If she had not helped me out, I really do not know what would have happened to the boy.

To POSB, please service your machine promptly. Breakdowns are common and this can be stressful for someone in distress like I was on that day.


This article was first published in The New Paper.

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