Parent who parked in yellow box deserves fine

The following is a letter from a reader of The New Paper:

I refer to the articles (TNP, May 22 and 23) about a spat between two parents outside Raffles Girls' Primary School.

One of them, Mr Jerry Gee, was quoted as saying: "This is a very small matter. I've got the money to pay the fine. Anything wrong with that?"

I find this irresponsible and arrogant.

If Mr Gee had not parked his BMW in the yellow box, Ms Julyn Kang would not have acted as she did.

I am also disappointed and angry with the traffic warden who gave her name as Wendy. She said she has done this job for eight years and yet, did not carry out her duty and stop Mr Gee from parking inside the yellow box.

The area may be congested during certain times of the day, but it was still her responsibility to prevent an incident like this.

I hope the relevant authorities will punish Mr Gee for parking his luxury car in the yellow box, and take his attitude into account, too.

They should also take action against the traffic warden for failing to carry out her duty.

Ace Kindred Cheong
Reader, The New Paper

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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