Attitude towards elderly is shameful


Protests against nursing home in Bishan

I refer to "A place is welcome when you have use for it" (The New Paper on Sunday, June 3) about the Government's plan to build a nursing home in Bishan.

I nearly threw up when I learnt that 14 per cent of those polled said they would not be okay with an old folks' home in their neighbourhood.

A student was quoted as saying he does not like old people.

My advice to his parents is to donate all their money to the old folks' home rather than to give any to a child who has no love for people like them.

How could our teachers have taught a student to end up with such an attitude?

It is shameful.

There was also an entrepreneur, who doesn't like "old folks with their illnesses staying close by".

Would that apply to his own parents?

I wonder how the parents of these people would feel if they read the report.

Even my daughter's pet dog can show its affection for me and my wife.

How can we call these people human if they don't do the same for the elderly?

I am 66 years old and I count myself fortunate that my three children behave like true human beings.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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