She can be out 'Little Red Chilli Padi'

After reading the report "Small beats tall" (The New Paper, June 29) about how the newly-crowned Miss Singapore World is only 1.6m tall but won praise from the judges for her personality, I wanted to congratulate Miss Karisa Sukamto.

I believe she deserved to win despite being relatively short.

What is important is that she was able to carry herself well and is confident of herself.

The report also asked if can she stand out on the world stage.

I believe she will.

After all, it is very unusual for any country to send a representative who is so petite. And she may well turn that to her advantage.

Representing our Little Red Dot, she can be a "Little Red Chilli Padi".

Indeed, she may help change the mindset that you can't win these beauty pageants unless you are tall.

I thank the judges for their wisdom and courage in choosing Miss Sukamto for the title.

And I wish her all the best for the Miss World 2012 contest that will be held in China next month.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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