Removing "trans fat lavels" helps consumers

Kudos to the manufacturers of the FairPrice and Sunshine brand of frozen pizzas for omitting the "trans fat-free" labels on new packaging for their products.

They did so although they did not have to - food products that make that claim can contain traces of trans fat, as long as there is no more than 0.5g of trans fat per 100g.

However, from the consumers' point of view, a "trans fat-free" label means a product is completely free of trans fat.

As a result, such labels may be misleading, even though the amount of trans fat present is declared on the nutrition-information panel.

Without such labels on the new packaging of the pizza brands, the likelihood of consumers checking out the nutrition panels will be higher.

In this way, they can make more informed choices when it comes to food purchases.

Going forward, I hope other food manufacturers will follow suit.

However, consumers need to be aware that trans fat does occur naturally in some products.

We are what we eat. So consumers need to be discerning when choosing their food.


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