Yishun Polyclinic's new location far from convenient

I was unaware that Yishun Polyclinic was going to be moved to a new location, until I saw the construction site of the new premises.

I did not receive any pamphlet informing residents of the polyclinic's impending move, and was surprised that the residents' views were not sought on the new site, which is behind the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and faces Neighbourhood 9.

The polyclinic's current location - at the junction of Yishun Central and Yishun Street 61 - is convenient for residents.

Many residents from neighbourhoods 6, 7 and 8 can easily reach the current premises without having to take a bus, while residents from other neighbourhoods can reach it just by taking the Service 812 feeder bus.

When the polyclinic moves to the new site, however, the majority of Yishun residents will need to take feeder buses to get to the bus interchange, after which they will still have to take a long walk in the open to get there.

There are no bus services along the road where the polyclinic will be relocated to.

The new location benefits only residents from Neighbourhood 9 and, possibly, some residents from Neighbourhood 6.

Have the authorities considered the inconvenience that the polyclinic's new location will pose to the majority of the residents in Yishun?

my paper reader Ms Chua Kim Choo

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