Fazed by cats and AVA's response

I have seen cats at the balcony of my home, early in the morning, for the past few days.

Last Friday morning, I found that a cat had defecated at the balcony.

I contacted the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) to rent a cat trap.

However, I was told that, because I live in a condominium, I would have to liaise with the private estate's management office regarding the matter.

AVA also said that the trap cannot be deployed over weekends.

I understand the reason for this is that a trapped cat might go hungry if no one were to attend to it.

I said that I would be responsible for feeding any trapped cats till AVA staff arrived, but the staff member I spoke with said that procedures have to be followed.

I hope AVA will be more understanding. I suggest that the procedures be amended so that:

Individuals can rent traps from the AVA even if they live in a condominium.

Individuals are allowed to deploy the traps over weekends, provided they feed any trapped cats until AVA staff arrive.

my paper reader Ms Yvonne Tai Geok Hong

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