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Even hotels and malls have had to beef up security to deal with wild fans.

When Korean actor Lee Min Ho came to Singapore in October 2009 for the opening of a new Etude House outlet at Plaza Singapura, 800 fans swarmed the mall's walkways.

Up to 30 of the mall's security officers had to be brought in to manage the crowd.

Madness: Fans swarmed Plaza Singapura when Korean actor Lee Min Ho was here in October 2009

The escalators between two floors at the mall had to be stopped for five minutes so that the crowd could safely disperse.

Eventually, the event was cancelled.

Pandemonium also broke out among fans queuing overnight for tickets to the Korean Pop Night concert in September last year, where six bands were set to perform.

One woman fainted and an ambulance had to be called in for another fan who had breathing difficulties.

The police had to step in to help event organisers manage crowds.

The hotels The New paper spoke to said they are well prepared to deal with big crowds to ensure the safety of their guests.

For example, Grand Hyatt Singapore hires extra bodyguards and security personnel to protect celebrities if needed.

Not that it has deterred some overzealous fans.

Student Faith Yip, 16, pooled $1,000 together with five friends to stay at Conrad Centennial to catch Korean boy band FT Island in October last year.

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