Mon, Nov 02, 2009
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Even the way they talk seems slutty: Mum of 3

By Shree Ann Mathavan

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SHOCKING. Disgusting.

These are two of the stronger adjectives used by parents reacting to the screen kiss between model Kay Kay and blogger Xiaxue.

One mum who watched the video with The New Paper on Sunday said the website would definitely be off-limits for her kids.

Ms Peggy Wong, 42, who does sales in the cleaning and sanitation industry, said: "The kissing is too much. If my kids wanted to watch this video, I would tell them 'no'.

She has two daughters, 17 and 12, and a son, 16.

She said of the two women: "The way they talk seems slutty and it would be a bad influence on young children."

Mrs Y Cheng, 47, a homemaker and mother of three teens, was "disgusted".

"To me it's a bit like porn," she said.

Like Ms Wong, she said younger kids who are easily influenced, may try to copy the actions they see online.

The problem with the Internet is that parents like her end up feeling "helpless" over how to police access, Mrs Cheng said.

She added: "Porn and objectionable content like this just seems to get easier and easier to access."

Ms Wong and Mrs Cheng weren't too bothered with the Bored in Bikinis series.

Said Ms Wong: "It's more about comedy here, and if you go to public pools, you'll see girls dressed this way."

Nevertheless she said parents should be mindful of the language and terms used.

For instance, Xue Sha refers to skinny dipping twice in the first episode. Said Ms Wong: "That's a bit too open for me."

On the kissing video, Mr Lim Soon Hock, chairman of the National Family Council said: "I am concerned about the blatant portrayal of such behaviour as fun and frolic, without any second thought to societal values.

"Singapore is not ready to accept such overt display of sensational or sexual behaviour, be it in public or in new media."

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He said the best thing parents can do is to counsel and educate their children on the ill effects of the Internet.

Internet content providers like clicknetworktv.com are regulated under the Class Licence Scheme of the Media Development Authority (MDA).

They have to comply with certain conditions and an Internet Code of Practice.

Ms Ginny Goh, head of media content and standards at the MDA, said the videos were not in breach of the Internet Code of Practice.

"But we recognise that some members of public may find some of the content on the site undesirable or inappropriate," she said.

Ms Goh explained that the MDA adopts a "pragmatic and light touch" towards regulating the Internet.

This approach is complemented by active industry co-regulation efforts and public education, she said.

Internet Service Providers like SingNet and StarHub are required to provide Family Access Network (FAN) services which are optional network filtering services that parents can subscribe to.  

These filtering services can prevent children from accessing undesirable content.


This article was first published in The New Paper.


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  Even the way they talk seems slutty: Mum of 3
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