Tue, Dec 11, 2007
The Straits Times
4 in 10 tertiary students didn't wash hands after loo

THE PrimaDeli food-poisoning debacle reminds me of something I noticed when assisting with examinations at a tertiary institution in the past year.

I found that many of our country's most well-educated young people, including foreign students, don't wash their hands after using the lavatory. At least 40 per cent of youths whom I escorted to the restroom did not even run their hands under water; only about 20 per cent actually bothered with hand-wash detergent and water. Even then, hand-washing was cursory at best.

If our creme de la creme don't practise basic hygiene, we should be concerned. Imagine shaking hands with such future leaders, or sharing food with them.

What more can we expect from other members of our society?

Sars should have taught everyone the importance of good hygienic habits. How quickly people forget!

Clearly, we need to go back to the basics, for all levels of society.

Chua Siew Gek (Ms)

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4 in 10 tertiary students didn't wash hands after loo

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