Conservancy charges: Is HDB giving value for money collected?
Tue, Feb 12, 2008
The Straits Times

A RESIDENT of a five-room HDB flat pays $73.50 a month in service & conservancy charges and another $90 in parking charge.

A resident of a similar-size flat in a typical condominium pays about $200 per month. But that includes water, electricity, maintenance, mandatory lift check, cleaning service every day, clean lift, pest control, pleasant landscape, security, security cameras, covered parking lot, swimming pool, tennis court, function room, barbecue pit, recreation events, managing agent fee, some surplus for sinking fund at year-end and so on.

The HDB resident gets a parking lot and a not exactly clean environment.

Is the HDB overcharging residents or is it not doing enough to get value for residents?

My friend lives in a condo, pays $200 a month and get all the things I mentioned, while I pay $163.50 in service & conservancy charges and for a parking lot. I get a dirty lift and floors. Furthermore, the HDB collects parking fines and hourly parking charges and keeps them.

As a big buyer, the HDB certainly has better bargaining power than the condo. The $163.50 paid to the HDB is excessive.

The HDB must explain how it spends the money it collects.


Richard Lim Poh Chuan


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