Abdullah: DAP's open tender system 'not fair'
Joyce Teo
Sun, Mar 30, 2008
The Straits Times
BUTTERWORTH - MALAYSIAN Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi yesterday lashed out at the plan by the new Democratic Action Party (DAP) state government in Penang to adopt a fully open tender system, saying that it will not guarantee fairness to those who are financially weak to compete.

He said that in principle the proposal by the state government to emphasise an equitable system appeared to be good but this would actually only benefit those who were financially strong.

'The transparency, open tender and open bidding approach are certainly good and give comfort to everyone but we have to remind them that not everything that is said to be equitable is fair. Actually, only the strong and those with financial capacity will derive benefits from it.

'This is our reminder to them because it is Barisan Nasional's responsibility as the opposition party in Penang to give our views and we will become an opposition that is active, sensitive and curious about what is happening in Penang. We are not around just to keep the seat warm,' he said at a thanksgiving gathering held by the Penang Umno Liaison Body last night.

He also said that the New Economic Policy was not merely for the bumiputeras as it also assisted the Chinese and Indian communities because the policy was not racially biased.


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