Tue, Feb 17, 2009
The Straits Times
Promising shuttler quits after getting ultimatum

By Terrence Voon

ONE of Singapore's rising foreign badminton talents has quit the national team, complaining that he was told to either take up citizenship or go.

Doubles specialist Riky Widianto, 17, who has been here since 2005, flew home to Indonesia yesterday after tendering his resignation to the Singapore Badminton Association (SBA) earlier this month.

Badminton officials had wanted him to become Singaporean in time to represent the country at this year's South-east Asia Games, but Riky said his parents felt he was too young to make the move.


'I wanted to stay and fulfil my dream as a badminton champion for Singapore. But I had no choice because the association told me I had to become a citizen now, or quit. My family told me to wait another year or two, but the SBA couldn't wait.' - Player Riky Widianto, who returned to Indonesia yesterday


'When we bring in foreign players, it is understood that they will be asked to become citizens and play for the country. When they refuse to do so, it makes a mockery of the system and wastes our limited resources, which can be better used for other players who are keen to represent the country.' - SBA chief executive Edwin Pang






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