Botak Jones to become a Singaporean
Sun, Aug 23, 2009
The Straits Times

He is the tall 'botak' (bald) ang moh famously known as Botak Jones. Come this Friday, he will proudly become a Singaporean.

Detroit-born Botak - Mr Bernie Utchenik - is so at home here that he eats at hawker centres and orders his 'kopi siu dai' (coffee shop lingo for coffee with less sugar).

Mr Utchenik, 57, first came to Asia in 1991 as an oil industry engineer. In 1996, he settled down in Singapore and, in 2003, started American food joint Botak Jones. It now has 11 outlets islandwide.


3,600 new citizens sworn in

Three-year-old Tan Sing Yi was probably the youngest new citizen at yesterday's National Citizenship Ceremony (NCC).

When her father, two older sisters and about 400 new Singaporeans recited the Pledge and sang the National Anthem, she too chipped in earnestly.

Her Malaysian-born father, service engineer Tan Kee Boon, 40, has been working here for more than 16 years.


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