Shareholder dispute revives Scomi past
Leslie Lopez
Thu, Mar 04, 2010
The Straits Times

A YET-TO-BE publicised shareholder dispute involving the son of former prime minister Abdullah Badawi is likely to renew debate over Malaysia's role in the clandestine trade of sensitive military technology.

Sri Lankan businessman Buhary Syed Abu Tahir has gone to the High Court to claim RM75 million (S$31 million) from the former premier's son, Mr Kamaluddin Abdullah, and another businessman, Mr Shah Hakim Shahzanim Zain.

In the suit filed by his wife late last year, Mr Tahir is demanding what he claims is money owed to him for his equity interest in engineering company, Scomi Group, lawyers familiar with the case told The Straits Times.

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  Shareholder dispute revives Scomi past
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  Shareholder dispute revives Scomi past
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