The protesters have held continuous street rallies for a month. -AFP
Weighing 150kg, Yi, who is in her 60s, suffers from recurrent episodes of asthma and sleep apnea due to her obesity. -AsiaOne
Rare jewels from India's past rulers on display at New York museum. -TNP
General Moeldoko of Indonesia's armed forces told a public lecture in Singapore that ISIS was a significant threat to regional security. -ST
The authorities said this week that 8,157 officials have been disciplined for infringing the "spirit" of the campaign. -ST
Indonesia's new President shows he is serious about electronic cash payments as a way to defeat corruption. -ST
Mr Pridiyathorn has to turn around an economy battered by seven months of political turbulence. -ST
An estimated 100 people are still listed as missing. -AFP
Suu Kyi is trying to change key sections of Myanmar's charter ahead of 2015 polls. -AFP