Industry body warns that bigger iron smelters could close their operations before paying a 64 per cent hike in rates. -Reuters
He said it is especially heart wrenching that many on the ferry are young students. -AsiaOne
Ruling by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) said that China's export restrictions on rare earths and other resources broke international rules. -AFP
The sole female staff member who died in South Korea's ferry-sinking incident was apparently the only member of the staff to help passengers before fleeing. -Lianhe Wanbao
Japan's top steelmaker has built a system to make and ship the longest pieces of railway track in the world. -AFP
Heart-wrenching messages of fear, love and despair, sent by high school students from a sinking South Korean ferry, added extra emotional weight to the tragedy. -AFP
IT billionaire turned political hopeful Nandan Nilekani said Thursday the "idea of India" was at stake as millions of voters headed to the ballot box. -AFP
The local government said the man stormed two security checkpoints and assaulted a police officer. -Reuters
The PKR 10514 guided-missile destroyer escort, which is currently under construction, is the largest warship to be built domestically. -Jakarta Post/ANN
Though Chinese airlines allow most personal electronic devices above a certain altitude during flights, restrictions on mobile phones remain in effect. -China Daily/ANN