In the last two years ties have also deteriorated sharply because of a dispute over a chain of uninhabited islets in the East China Sea. -Reuters
To create a stable government, charter drafters inserted a few new provisions that will have the likely result of empowering the prime minister. -The Nation/ANN
Bianyifang, the oldest Peking duck restaurant chain with over 600 years of history, announced yesterday they are opening a new flagship store.
East-west flight paths that were also proposed by China and slated to start operating on March 5 "will not be enabled at this stage". -China Post/ANN
The ministry in a statement said the products were adulterated with mercury, a potent ingredient prohibited in cosmetic products. -Brunei Times/ANN
If the affiliate does not submit the required information within six months, it will be required to withdraw from Taiwan. -China Daily/ANN
A woman gave her baby away under a surrogacy programme has called on the authorities to help her get the infant back. - The Nation/ANN
Many corporations are racing to do everything they can to employ good students in spring 2016. -Japan News/ANN
'Sexy yet traditional' product will make consumers pay up, industry analysts say. -China Daily/ANN
Pollution levels northern Thailand have reached potentially health-harming levels in some areas due to uncontrolled burns and wild fires. -The Nation/ANN