Taiwanese fishing boats that were reportedly detained by the Indonesian Coast Guard on Friday are safe, Taiwan's fishery authorities said yesterday. -China Post/ANN
The Indian Ocean tsunami claimed more than 220,000 lives in one of the world's deadliest and most geographically widespread disasters. -AFP
A Party chief suspected of corruption in Shandong province has been placed under investigation. -China Daily/ANN
Nearly two-thirds of imported laborers in SAR are from mainland. -China Daily/ANN
367 people killed and 3,300 injured in week last year; minister defends panel's decision. -The Nation/ANN
Commander in Phuket says soldiers were called in to help 'mediate' a financial argument between two Ukrainian men. -The Nation/ANN
A Swedish man fell from a Bangkok condominium's 13th-floor balcony to his death yesterday morning. -The Nation/ANN
Bangkok Poll said yesterday that up to 70 per cent of Thais consider news about His Majesty's recovery and his 87th birthday celebrations as the best things that happened this year. -The Nation/...
The Asia Injury Prevention (AIP) Foundation has joined forces with Save the Children Fund to launch a minute-long clip on YouTube, campaigning for children to wear a helmet while on motorbikes. -The...
Prime Minister Li offers billions in loans and technical support for regional infrastructure. -The Nation/ANN