The recommendations, outlined in the Washington-based fund's annual country report, come several months after Tokyo ushered in its first sales levy increase in 17 years -AFP
Industry officials say that results in longer flight times, less efficient routes and unaccountable delays. -AFP
A Japanese boy born in 2013 can now expect to live 80.21 years, up from 79.94 years in 2012, the health ministry said. -AFP
Police in the southern province of Guangdong made the discovery during a sweep of food producers and have detained the manager of the factory that produced it. -Reuters
Officials spent about half an hour preparing to transport the woman to the ambulance. -The Nation/ANN
The defence ministry has invited eight foreign reporters from different foreign news organisations to attend, including Reuters, for an initial six-month period. -Reuters
The goal is to make operating electric cars significantly cheaper than gasoline-fuelled ones in the country. -China Daily/ANN
A food safety scare in China is testing local consumers' loyalty to foreign fast-food brands -Reuters
Major-General Jenronnarong Detwan, 56, was arrested by the military early Wednesday at a hotel near the seedy Patpong area charged with extorting money from street vendors. -AFP
Rescuers battled through heavy rains in a desperate search for victims of a landslide. -AFP