She accused some Filipino domestic helpers of seducing their male employers, in comments branded "racist" and "offensive" by critics. -AFP
The participants, all clad in kimono, learn how to fight with swords like actors in Japanese samurai dramas. -Japan News/ANN
An 84-year-old man died in a fire when an electrical transformer exploded in his home due to the temblor. -China Post/ANN
Korea is once again celebrating spring, which provides an opportunity of warm weather, amid tempestuous seasonal fluctuations. -Korea Herald/ANN
Foreign direct investment and trade between the two regions jumped from US2.8b in 1990 to US$270b in 2012. -BT
The current scandal was triggered by the suicide earlier this month of Sung Wan-Jong. -AFP
Prosecutors had been probing Sung in the days before his death, on allegations that the mogul had swindled government subsidies. -Korea Herald/ANN
A good government should be run by the conviction of making changes that benefitted the public, instead of merely seeking popularity. -Jakarta Post/ANN
If Lim remains steadfast about returning to his country without a passport, his return will be illegal. -Jakarta Post/ANN
The bill also sets clear penalties for people found to be forcing others to beg. -The Nation/ANN