Few of the petitions are ever resolved and petitioners are often forced home or imprisoned by authorities when they escalate their complaints to higher authorities. -Reuters
A DNA test was being carried out to formally confirm his identity. -AFP
UDG China aims to create the ideal learning environment for children by providing them with lush vegetation and a direct connection to outdoor space. -Stomp
Barack Obama said on Thursday in Japan that islands at the centre of a bitter territorial dispute with China are covered by a defence treaty that would oblige Washington to act if they were attacked...
Obama seeking to underline US commitment to region in Japan visit. -Reuters
Japan government hopes to activate the labour market and promote economic growth. -Japan News/ANN
Frugality expected to dent earnings of country's major carriers in short term. -China Daily/ANN
The mentally ill people wander on the roads, causing traffic problems in the city. -Jakarta Post/ANN
Thai Foreign Minister says ASEAN believes election the only way out. -The Nation/ANN
The first initiative is to develop a hotspot early warning system by involving the local community. -Jakarta Post/ANN