A Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said there was no change in China's position on the improvement and development of Sino-Japanese relations. -Reuters
Airline agreed to buy 32 Mitsubishi Regional Jets worth around US$1.5 billion. -Reuters
China state media reported 7 dead and 20 missing after a landslide engulfed a village in Guizhou. -AFP
The message has raised doubts about the sincerity of apologies over Japan's wartime atrocities and colonial rule. -AFP
A dog, abandoned by the roadside by his owner, was spotted waiting by the same area -- for over two months. -Stomp
Widodo and Yudhoyono held a two-hour, closed door meeting on the resort island of Bali. -Reuters
The two countries signed an agreement to pave the way for the resumption of full cooperation on issues such as defence. -AFP
Officials suspected that the three contracted the disease in Yoyogi Park, central Tokyo, but none were in a life-threatening condition. -AFP
In its statement, Samsung said it had proposed to China Labor Watch that they conduct a joint onsite investigation "for more precise verification" of the allegations. -Reuters
Pandas in the breeding centre also receive more buns, fruits and bamboo, so some clever pandas have used this to their advantage to improve their quality of life. -AFP