A bill that would have legalised casino gambling died when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe dissolved parliament to call a snap election. -AFP
Fuel cell vehicles that run on hydrogen will debut on the consumer market when Toyota Motor Corp. releases its Mirai model. -Japan News/ANN
Jokowi and First Lady Iriana arrived in Singapore on Friday evening to attend the graduation ceremony of their youngest son. -Jakarta Post/ANN
Children were saved by onlookers while both parents were swept away by waves. -China Post/ANN
Korea's redistribution of wealth through taxation is unbalanced. -Korea Herald/ANN
Founder hopes network will help demonstrate social tolerance. -China Daily/ANN
The professor's teaching credentials have been revoked and he has also been expelled from the Party. -China Daily/ANN
'Fox Hunt 2014' proving successful in tracking down corrupt officials. -China Daily/ANN
Asia will experience a new golden era of peace and prosperity over the next 10 years. -ST
Two high-ranking Thai police officers have been charged with royal defamation, a rare arrest of senior public servants as use of the draconian law intensifies after a May coup. -AFP, Reuters