The 33 Singaporean tourists involved in a bus collision with a truck in Hokkaido, Japan, have been discharged from hospital except for one person. -AsiaOne
A bomb exploded at a rally by Pakistan's leading religious political party in the country's restive southwest on Thursday, killing one person and wounding 14, police said. -AFP
It was not immediately clear if the North Korean ban also covered non-tourist members of the diplomatic or business community with ties to Pyongyang. -Reuters
Maids are trapped by a system that denies them protection, an international rights group said Thursday. -AFP
Japan's Supreme Court on Thursday ordered a retrial for a woman who sued a former employer over a demotion during her pregnancy, handing down a partial victory that could encourage others to...
A group of climbers unfurled a giant protest banner from a famous Hong Kong cliff on Thursday after the city's leader said that full democracy demanded by mass rallies would give the poor too...
The Executive Yuan's new food safety office officially opened, staffed with prosecutors to speed up the process of rooting out tainted food production. -China Post/ANN
This year Guangdong announced that more than 850 government workers with family overseas had been forced out of their jobs. -Reuters
Yoichi Miyazawa, a former top bureaucrat in the finance ministry, immediately distanced himself from the brewing scandal. -AFP
Honda Motor Co would call back the new Fit hybrid subcompact model for the fifth time in less than a year in Japan. -Reuters