A group of men recorded themselves beating a black dog to death, while they laughed among themselves. -AsiaOne
Many key countries not sending ministers to talks. -ST
We will remain principal security power in Asia: US Defence Secretary. -ST
No country needs to justify or rationalise any punishment it imposes, whether to foreign offenders, their governments or the media, or defend the integrity of its judicial process. -ST
A suspected radioactive leak scare turned out to be a false alarm on Friday as atomic inspectors gave the all clear. -Reuters
Beef bowl chain Yoshinoya Co. said it will start offering its most expensive menu item ever, the 'una-ju' eel set, starting next month. -WSJ
More than 80 per cent of these students were expelled because of poor academic performance or dishonesty. -WSJ
Fudan University's recruitment video bears a striking resemblance to the University of Tokyo’s official promotional video. -WSJ
Two new victims are believed to have caught the virus from the first case confirmed last week. -AFP
Myanmar's navy found 727 people crammed on a fishing boat in its waters, the Ministry of Information said in a Facebook post Friday. -AFP